Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

  1.  Learn to make a killer Beef Bourguignon
  2. Finish the Couch Potato to 5k program (even just once). I tried last year and it didn't work so well. Going to try again.
  3. Achieve permanent residency in Canada. This I'm working on now.
  4. Grow my freelance practice to include another steady client. Send out promotions, make us known in the area.
  5. Get into a new market with illustration: papercraft, pattern work, fabric design, packaging, etc.
  6. Get the design business site up and update Perpetual Flights with new work.
  7.  Make a quilt. Even if it's just a lap quilt. Been meaning to do this for a long while.
  8. Go hiking in the mountains, snowshoe, ski, snowboard, some kind of outdoors activity that I haven't tried yet. We live in this gorgeous place, we need to take advantage of it!
  9. Find a yoga studio that I like and can go to on a semi-regular basis.
  10. Accept more invitations to go places. In a nutshell, say "yes" more to more things. I'm too much of a homebody. I can't complain that I can't meet people if I never leave the house!
  11. Blog more! Ye gods, I'm terrible at it.
  12. Participate in Illustration Friday. To keep sharp, try new techniques, etc. If not every week than every month at least.
  13. In that vein, FINISH Beautiful Scars. Make millions, buy a boat, etc. (That may not be feasible, but hey.)
  14. Write a letter to one friend every month. A real letter, on paper, and mailed. 12 letters, 12 friends, 12 chances to reconnect and say "hi."
  15. Be the best partner I can be.
I think it's a good start. We'll see if I can stick with it! Tonight is Peking Duck with some new friends, renewing my SIN card, attacking the ever-present pile of laundry, and even a little drawing stuck in there for good measure.

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