Thursday, October 4, 2012

Illustration Friday: Book

My days off are now on Thursdays, which is a fabulous time to do a little Illustration Friday.

I'm giving myself just a couple of hours, or a couple of episodes of Buffy (I'm deep in season 3; God, Westley, but do you suck!) to complete these. Just a way to take a break from the throes of freelance and putting together lectures to have a little fun.

This week's theme was "Book" which was so much fun. I've been reading and talking, and talking and reading quite a lot this semester. Most of it is academic in nature, but some is more fun than that. I wanted to do an illustration based on talking about books. Book club, if you will. And the tweedy nature of the patterns is a nod to the particular nature of my literary conversations as of late (which, I want to get back to readin' those funnybooks STAT).

Not too shabby for two hours, start to finish. I love making those patterns!

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